Short and thin eyelashes are annoying tocatch attention away from your charming eyes. Fortunately, you can take somesafe and effective measures to help your lashes grow back in few days. In themeantime, you can wear mascara as a beauty remedy and enhance appearance ofyour eyelash. If your eyelash fall out unexpectedly or have some eye disease,it is advised to consult your doctor to get professional. Following are somesimple measures for you to get lashes back faster.

Step1: Keep a well-balanced diet, and takea daily multivitamin supplement. You should make sure your eyelashes get enoughvitamins and minerals for growing. Natural Oil such as Olive oil, castor oil,vitamin E oil are usually enriched with vitamin and oleic acid to stimulate andnourish hair follicle to grow fuller and thicker eyelashes. Besides, you shouldalso eat plenty of fruits, whole grains, vegetables to meet nutritional needs.

Step2: Limit the application of eye cosmetics,despite eye makeup can improve your look, it may also harm your eyelashes, forexample overusing mascara will cause eyelash brittle and easy to broken.

Step3: Take a try of eyelash enhancer at night.There are many eyelash serum in the market claiming to regrow longer, fullerand thicker eyelashes, you can find for either one to use. For exampleover-the-counter serum Lilash and a prescription treatment Latisse. Brusheyelash serum gently along eyelash line every night before bed, amazing resultcan be seen in 4-12 weeks.

Step4Condition lashesregularly. Just like caring your hair to maintain shine and softness, youshould also condition lashes and it spends less. For example, you can order thecheapest price of olive oil to brush eyelash when having a rest at home.

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  • Oct 13, 2016
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