There is no difference between taking careof our eyelashes and hair. For example, we use hair conditioner for our hair,and serum for eyelashes.

People usually take various methods to makeour eyes beautiful. Mascara and fake eyelash are the common cosmetics for us.However, it is hard to remove mascara and the fake extensions can also replaceour natural lashes leaving us with less and less lashes. Therefore what weshould do is take effective measures to nurse eyelashes, making them longerfuller and thicker.

Maybe you have seen many ADs of Lilash, according to the commercial show, this product give us naturally longer andfuller eyelashes in 4-8 weeks. It works by extending eyelash growth phase andincrease the numbers of lashes to make us get fuller darker and thickereyelashes.

Unlike some other eyelash serums, lilash isan over-the-counter product, you can order them directly from the website. Andit is easy to use. Just apply  lilashserum to clean lashes at night before bed. The next morning you can take yourmakeup as normally.

Besides, you can also take some homeremedies for your eyelashes, including Vaseline, olive oil, castor oil and vitaminE oils. No matter what measures you want to take, it is advised to do yourresearch and check out others' reviews about the product. 

lilash serum

  • Oct 20, 2016
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