For most people, when being nervous, they usually pull hair, run eyelash to relieve the pressure. Which will obviously cause hair and eyelash loss.  If not treated, it will increase to the point where you cannot have eyelashes left.

Pulling out eyelashes can damage the lens of the eye and should be avoided because it can create health problems more complex and dangerous and complex. Many people claimed the pulling is an unconscious activity, and is not so easy to stop.  If so, there are still methods to help protect eyelashes.

Make your hands busy when feeling nervous. If your hands are in other task, your lash is safe. If you are unable to stop the behavior, it is advised to see doctor to get professional advice. Besides, you can also apply some products to improve short and thin eyelashes.

You can take a try of lilash serum, which has 100%natural ingredients and aims to regrow naturally longer eyelash in few weeks. If you are the one suffering from short and thin eyelash, you can give yourself a chance with lilash to improve eyelash condition.

lilash before and after

  • Nov 28, 2016
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