Mascara is one of the most popular cosmetics for women, it will be used every day by many women. Do you know what mascara do to your eyelashes? And what we can do to get healthy eyelashes if applying mascara?

The main intend of using mascara is making eyelash look darker, fuller and longer. Which will help to attract more attention to the eyes. This product contains coloring, various waxes, and preservatives. Especially for Water-resistant mascara, the ingredients will add extra solvents.

Therefore it is advised to wear mascara properly, poor application will bring damage to your eyelashes. For example, wearing mascara too thick will result in making eyelash look clumpy, Improper mascara color will result in unnatural looking eyelashes.

What can we to take care of our eyelashes when wearing mascara daily?

Use gentle motions to remove mascara. Be sure not pull, tug, or rub excessively at lashes.

Clean up your mascara every night before bed. If not, eyelash will become more and more fragile. Besides, the eye infections is high. Here you can take lilash serum after removing mascara to enhance eyelash care every night. Which will works to nourish eyelash to increase eyelash size.

Wearing mascara will make your eyes stand out. Take proper measures to use it and remove eye makeup nightly. You can enjoy beautiful and healthy eyelashes.

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  • Dec 08, 2016
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