Due to the dispute, lilash is not allowedbeing sold in USA, therefore you cannot see them in retail store. For those whostill want to increase eyelash size by applying lilash, they turn to lilashonline store to meet their demand.

However, according to the survey, over 80percent lilash store are being selling false lilash. Therefore, before youorder it directly, it is advised to get detailed information about thisproduct. Besides, you should also order it from official site to prevent thefake product.

You will never know the unknown risk inadvance with the counterfeit eyelash serum. Perhaps they will make a treat toyour health or eyesight instead of lengthening, thickening your eyelash.

We all want best product with best price.And you should also know that You get what you pay off. It seems that lilash isnot that cheap. But it values for your money. Per tube 5.91m will last at least6 month, and it will much more cost-effective, compared with prescription serumLatisse.

Chose the authentic lilash, you will gainrewards. On the contrary, if you unfortunately buy fakes, the result will bethe opposite.

lilash purified eyelahs serum

  • Jan 06, 2017
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