In the previous article, we shared some natural products for our eyelash growth. Many clients emailed us that these products do work. We are happy the article has effects on your guys.

If fact, there still have other products do work for our eyelashes. Here we will keep sharing them for you.

5) Egg for Eyelash Growth Rate

egg works effectively in increasing eyelashes. Break egg and mix one tablespoon of glycerin, now use cotton swab to apply this mixture on your eyelashes. Keep this mixture for 20 minutes and then clean your eyelashes with cold water.

6) Lemon Peel

To increase the eyelash growth cycle you can also take a try of lemon peel. Add lemon peel with olive oil and apply the same on your eyelashes. You can keep it overnight and will see some good results shortly.

7) Green Tea

Green tea not only helps people lose weight, but works perfectly to nourish and regrow your eyelashes. Make a nice green tea and let it cool down for few hours, then using a cotton swab apply it on your eyelashes and let it be there for 20 minutes.

At last, if you feel tedious using above products, just take a try of lilash serum. which is also 100% natural and purified. Amazing result can be seen in few weeks. Just place your order at our official store to enjoy fabulous result.

  • Jan 21, 2017
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