As we all know, longer eyelashes are a beauty enhancer. There do a lot things to enhance the beauty of your eyes. The longer the eyelashes the more beautiful your eyes appear. However, not all of us are lucky enough being born with full eyelash.

Almost every girl or lady want to have longer thicker and fuller eyelash. But sometimes it just go in the opposite direction, you will lose your eyelash. which is a big issue of concern. So before regrow your eyelashes directly, the first thing we should do is learn why your eyelashes fall out?

Trichotillomania Tangle: Trichotillomania Tangle: It is an impulse control disorder, some people commonly pull hair from their scalp, eyebrows or eyelashes.

Chemical Allergy to lash cosmetics: Most of the eye cosmetics contains chemical content, which is the main reason causing eyelash to fall out. For example, if your are allergies to mascara chemical, it is advised not to wear mascara or just carefully choose the proper one.

No matter what type of the reason it was, you should take care of your eyelashes, and choose the natural and healthy product to regrow your eyelash. For example, lilash eyelash serum, being an purified eyelash enhancer, this product is made up of 100% natural formula. Just brush it along your eyeliner, and you will regrow naturally longer eyelash in few weeks, and without any side effect.

lilash eyelash enhancer

  • Feb 17, 2017
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