I was recently asked about Lilash EyelashSerum, people wanted to know if this product can lengthen lash and was safe since this product was marketed as a lash enhancer to increase size of eyelashes and eyebrows.

According to the manufacturer, this product is riched of  purified and active ingredients such as potent polypeptides, vital proteins and vitamins ect. And they promised that difference can be seen within 4 weeks. Unlike FDA approved serum Latisse, Lilash is an over-the-counter product, which do not need prescription for your choice, it is much more convenient, isn't it?

Type lilash before and after, or lilash result in Google, you can see that more and more clients are posting the effect of using lilash serum to show how effective this product is. Some people claimed that it only takes 3 weeks to get longer and fuller lashes without any side effect. You can just try it by yourself to get thicker eyelash as well.

With either Lilash serum or any other serum/ makeup applied to the eyelid near the eye, I would advise caution. Use only as directed and discontinue its use if you notice any irritation or problems.

lilash result

  • Feb 27, 2017
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