Almost every woman want to get a set of fuller longer and thicker eyelash to look attractive. For these women who are not lucky enough to get naturally long lash. The next questions how to get these lush lash? And now you have two options: wear fake eyelash or regrow longer lash.

Answer is obvious, the natural method seems to be the better one. However, not all of ladies hold the same opinions like you. They just choose the chemical eyelash extensions to get temporary effect. So, today we will learn the dangers of wearing fake eyelash at first.

Study showed that wearing fake longer lashes increases the airflow around the eye which leads to more dust hitting the surface which means the eyes are left unprotected and they are more likely to dry out soon.

What's more, the eyelash extensions need glue to be stickers, which is just full of chemical substances that will damage your eyes. And they can't last long time. if you really want gorgeous eyelashes then you need learn how to get longer eyelashes naturally.

Here you can take a try of eyelash serum, such as lilash enhancer, which is an 100% natural and purified eyelash serum to regrow your longer eyelash back. Just need 4-8 weeks, you will get the ideal length. Just visit lilash official store to get details.

fake eyelash side effect
  • Mar 08, 2017
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