Brad Alagoz
I am super excited over my Eyelash Growth Serum! I have very sensitive skin and my eyes are prone to styes. I also have (had) non existent lashes.This serum is super easy to apply and not messy at all!I love that the packaging included a use by date.will order more on your site.
Dalji palacios
I have only been using this eyelash growth serum for a few weeks now. I believe I still need a little more time to see how well this product works.It is very easy to apply and I have not had any irritation to my eyes which I am very happy about.continue to use it and hope get maximum result with applying lilash.
Sherrie Moreno
This is my second time reviewing a product and they did not disappoint! Such a great product,I am excited to continue using both these products to get the full effect and hopefully I will see more surprises.Highly recommend the products to everyone.
Paola Perez
After a few uses I noticed that my lashes are more filled in areas where it used to be more sparse.I'm very happy to see such effective results,I enjoy using it, and I can't wait to see how much longer my lashes will become with more use.
Analida Montoya
I really love this Lash Growth Serum.I have to apply this serum twice everyday to get the best results.I use it morning and evening and thats all it takes to have beautiful long eyelashes.and I have notice new and longer hairs where i have very sparse lashes.The packaging is so pretty and nice looking. thanks very much.
Blanca Robertson
This is a clear serum that comes in a little black bottle. Their is no scent or strong smell, and it dries fairly quickly. The applicator brush looks like an eyeliner's good effective so far,does not irritate the eye.I love the products very much.
Duly Freeman
I have been using this product fore some time now with the hope that my eyelash will grow and be a little bit fuller than what it is right now,I just used for one week,expect to see the obvious result in next week.

Elizabeth Reese
I've been using this eyelash growth serum for a couple weeks and I notice a difference in the health of my lashes. They feel thicker and less brittle.I was lucky enough to get the good products.I will continue to use it until get the longer and fuller lashes i want.
Melissa Odzakovic
It was not irritating. There was no burning sensation.I put the serum on my top lash line after I have taken my makeup off. It's super easy to use since I only need to apply it once a day! I recommend you to keep using it to see the good result.
Dayana Isabel
I love eyelash growth serums because I have little to no eyelashes.I have used several kinds and so far this is my favorite because it does not burn or sting the eyes when applied.I am excited to see how well this stacks up as far as growth when compared to the other brands.
Shanna Fuentes
A friend recommended to try this serum out and although I was skeptical at first I read a lot of positive reviews so I gave it a go.the result let me happy,I see my lashes are longer from the fourth week since I used.give me more confidence to continue using the products.
Maria Ambarchyan
I just received this eyelash serum,and it's the first time I'm using something like this.hope it really can help me.thanks for your fast delivery.I start to use my lashes growth serum from tomorrow.Good luck to me.